Teach You The Party Decoration

China wind, is undoubtedly the best decoration to create a party. In the porch entrance laying Warm gold, red cloth pad, for the guest space put on gorgeous joy's new clothes; wood, cotton, gold, porcelain can sway a room of solemn gorgeous; peony, lotus flower, bamboo, printing and other Chinese patterns and auspicious. Small ornaments with oriental style and simple, can be used as a new year's party in the punchline.Igotoshop provide paper straws wholesale.

Guest fruit label
Is when out summer fruit sign to decorate the New Year party, don't forget to write the names of the guests in the Jiangnan paper umbrella bamboo, is a close it!
Origami lanterns
New Year party, how can there be lanterns, in addition to the prosperous symbol of Chinese lanterns, can also used origami making "balloon", finally as set in the chimney on the lamp string. With the most simple way to create a warm new year atmosphere!
A small piece of paper with a lucky cake, has been regarded as a symbol of mystery and Chinese wisdom. The "lucky cake" made of cloth art is also a kind of decoration in the party. Fabric of fortune cookies method is very simple, will add a lining of colorful pieces of cloth cut into circles, sandwiched between the wire and ribbon two fold, then the longitudinal bending wire can be.
Dessert for most people is a copy of the taste and relaxation, accompanied by Wen Xinxiang.
Especially in the New Year party, a sumptuous dessert table, is bursting with happiness.
Relatives gathered friends, left for the coming year wishes on toast, this scene is warm. A year of hard work was warm words melt, such a moment, everyone is happy. In the New Year party, delicacy is guests chating with the highlight. If it is their own banquet, color of the food to be more beautiful and impressive. May wish to draw on the Pudong Shanghai Four
Seasons Hotels chef Karmakar Suraj creation
A few desserts, not only in the new year's party four stunning, to create a perfect party atmosphere, but also to give guests a pleasant impression of the new year.
Penny: 1 pistachio mascarpone cheese lollipop made lovely shape ice cream.
2 traditional festivals: steamed pudding cake baked Christmas pudding, surface with flour sugar cake wrapped and mushroom shaped protein sugar decoration.
3 happy fruit cake: traditional fruit cake with cinnamon, clove and Huangmei fruit, mango and prunes and other dried fruits.
4 happy white chocolate cake cake: the surface of the cake sprayed on the new year's red, and then dress up the chocolate box.

With the hand is accompanied by people to send gifts, that is, the ancients "with the ceremony". To come to party friends are ready to hand over ceremony and not expensive luxury products associated with, but on behalf of the emotional connection between people and people, just a little with hand represents the heart of the giver, can be described as a small gift heavy feelings.
New year orange
New Year season send oranges are the customs of southern China, people used the orange wrote the word orange words, and "orange", "lucky" close people donated to orange is the auspicious meaning, in the party finally put on the decoration of the small orange becomes mutual as kindness, the auspicious beautiful blessing.
Figure gift box
Will the end, finishing a little crumpled folded curl, naturally formed flowers. With such a way to roll up the gift to be presented to a friend, and then wrapped around the ends of the tension, the perfect new year with the hand of the gift will be done. A small gift, not less.

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Design Of Modern Style Restaurant In Shanghai

Restaurant is the whole family in the day the most concentrated place, we must be designed to be comfortable with the principle of comfort, to give people the feeling of relaxed and happy, so that the process of eating full of joy. What kind of restaurant design in order to achieve this effect, the editor at once to share with you 8 of the latest modern style decoration of the home decoration, I believe there is a total of your favorite. If you are in Shanghai, you can go local restaurant search through BonApp.

In the language of restaurant design to convey the idea of the form, exaggerated black and white line combination can show a modern sense of speed. The vertical lines arranged reflect in smallpox, walls and ground, width, as the barcode of life, strong visual guidance. Chinese elements decorated with details of the restaurant decorated with white pictures.

Rural villa style decoration style, simple and noble, so you in the bustling city, you can feel a unique rural flavor. A simple and natural rural style from the.This warm ocean restaurant decoration effect diagram with high-grade glass, wood and cloth art chair, warm and rich wood decorous feeling. Very suitable for friends of casual dinner oh!After the most modern American restaurant effect chart, the integration of modern and ancient factors, together to bring back the beauty of the high-grade texture.

This restaurant ceiling effect diagram with the white kitchen, white home accessories, giving a clean and clean feeling, into this restaurant is not quite an appetite it?

In the living room, dining room, study, kitchen and other space design, the designers to break the traditional mode of thinking, with smart space design techniques, the sense of space in an indistinct separation reveal without involuntary discharge of urine, from decoration to furniture, accessories are unified in a refined style, in the soft light through a modern elegant.

The whole restaurant with a beige, brown, white as the main tone, with black lightly dotted, is used to enhance the spatial extension of the sense, and then simple means of structuralism, cut unnecessary elements, the true to the original space is full of infinite imagination space.

Artistic atmosphere of the restaurant style, waves of romantic curves, so that the whole space is full of romance. The curve of human and animal sculpture, the curve of the curve and the curve of the wall on the wall of the curve of the line, the harmony of collocation, without exception, is a daydream. In a white dominated pure atmosphere, bring the visual fresh in the red carpet. If it is not placed on the table, it is more like a corner of the art studio.

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These Six Kinds Of Nuts Must Not Be Eaten

Nuts are people gossip often choose snacks, because it is of high nutritional value, is the natural food, the taste is very fragrant. However, not all nuts are good for health, the editor of BonApp to tell you that we should stay away from the following.Local Restaurant Search.

The first: the rancid taste. Nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids, improper or prolonged storage storage will produce the rancidity phenomenon, we often say "rancid taste." Nuts of fatty acids produced the rancidity, the harm is. On the one hand the nutty flavor variation, produce spines throat with spicy flavor. On the other hand, the product in nut oil rancidity, such as small molecular aldehydes and ketones also threaten health. If you eat a large amount of light can cause diarrhea, may also cause serious liver disease. Nut traders generally do not willing to throw away bad nuts, and conceal "rancid" best practice is in the processing of join lots of salt, pepper, aniseed, saccharin, flavor, such as seasoning, so metamorphic nuts often hidden in the salty and spicy flavor, butter flavor nuts, in contrast, flavor, fried nut quality relatively better.

Second: mildew. A lot of nuts susceptible to Aspergillus flavus contamination mildew, resulting in a highly toxic substances, aflatoxin, it will lead to high fever, vomiting, serious will endanger life. Aflatoxin also has a strong carcinogenic capacity of the human body organ damage. Therefore, moldy nuts must not eat, once found nuts in the mouth is bitter, musty or spicy quickly spit it out and timely gargle.

Third kinds: fried coke. Nuts contain a lot of fat, protein, carbohydrate, ordinary heating to destroy them, but when the nut is fried coke, temperature has been in more than 200 DEG C. At this time, the original about good nutrition element began to partial conversion as carcinogenic benzopyrene, heterocyclic amines, acrylamide material. Therefore, the fried coke nuts not edible.

Fourth kinds: paraffin beauty. On the one hand, add a little paraffin processed nuts, will make the product more bright, looks better, and not easy to change the tide become soft, if you see the nuts look shiny, obviously than regular nuts "beautiful", it is very likely to added paraffin; on the other hand, some traders to pent up, paraffin is added to the color of the nuts, "beauty" to shoddy. Commercial use of industrial paraffin wax is not high, which contains heavy metals and other impurities, hazardous to health.

Fifth: taste too heavy. First heavier taste, salt added more often; secondly, many heavy taste, fragrance is thick nuts, in the processing of added flavor, saccharin and other substances, creamy nuts added margarine, these things on the body no good; finally, the heavier taste of nuts, behind the flavor of the hidden possibility of metamorphism is bigger.

Sixth kinds: dust scattered. Responsible businesses will pay attention to the dust cleaning of raw nuts, product, market also there is no lack of raw materials such as dust impurities, sales no occlusion of the products. Therefore, consumers buy best take a closer look at containing nuts at the bottom of the vessel, not clean nuts tend to set down a layer of ash at the bottom of the vessel.

Do not have the nutrition to eat more, eat any food, should pay attention to a degree. Recommend a restaurants to everyone:Din Tai Fung Shanghai

China Smart Ring Market Trends Forecast

After two years of rapid development, have been smart wearable device cover glasses, bracelet, shoes, clothing and other product lines, the smart and intelligent bracelet watch in the consumer market is more common, is also a relatively mature technology of smart wearable products.Let's take a look at the smart ring market report.

1, the Internet giant companies will continue to pour into the foundation of the platform to build a serviceFrom the point of view of the bat, millet, Jingdong and foreign Google, Facebook's layout, Internet companies in the field of intelligent hardware approach more likely to by building a platform for intelligent hardware developers to provide cloud services, incubators, open interface, data analysis and other foundation. These Internet Co itself in the user scale, traffic entrance, brand, channel has advantages, through the way to build a platform to aggregate intelligent hardware developers to form their own business as the core of the intelligent hardware industry chain.
2, AppleWatch or will be detonated smart wearable devices Market Despite the current market, large and small companies launched a number of smart wearable devices (smart bracelet, smart watches mainly), but did not really cause the desire of
consumers to buy. However, with the 2015 AppleWatch market, the high hopes of Apple products or will be like iPad, iPhone as the entire smart wearable device market consumption enthusiasm, to promote the development of the entire smart wearable device market.
3, the smart hardware capital market is still not reduced heat2014 so far, China's smart hardware market financing amount of more than 700 million U.S. dollars, more than 90 companies to obtain financing. At present, the intelligent hardware market in the industry outlet, the industry has not formed a large leading edge of the platform or products. Both venture capital and Internet giants are expected to be able to invest as soon as possible layout. 2015 China intelligent hardware capital market is expected to continue in 2014 the heat, there will not be a big change in the short term.
4, deep vertical segments of survival chance
For many intelligent hardware start-ups, deep vertical field will have a chance to live. At present, China's intelligent hardware market is an important segment of the market space huge market space. Data show that in 2015 China smart home and smart wearable device market size will be more than 43 billion and 10 billion. Focus on vertical segments, and can establish a high industry barriers to the company in the current smart hardware market profit model is not clear, to support their business development before getting financing.

Apple will launch its own smart watch new time next year, which makes next year's smart watch market is bound to emerge in a series of new products to fight against apple, shipments are expected to continue to maintain growth momentum.

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A wedding Party On New Year's Day

New year's day to the right, in the countdown of the day, you plan for new year's day and new year's Day party program has avery good idea yet? Or in the home for new year's Day decorations to worry about it? Actually don't have to worry about, want to be happy, and personality, that it must not miss Igotoshop mall Xiaobian recommended new year's day home decor to ensure allows you to play the happy, wedding party decoration,enjoy the fun!

The paper honeycomb ball is the most simple and flower gathering effect decoration, just a few simple steps can create a romantic flower house. Curd production method of multiple and diverse, both round bouquet, fan-shaped bouquet or stereo bouquet, and each has the beautiful gesture.

The party held in the embrace of nature, the nature of the flowers can be used to make up. Moss produced by the representatives of both the name of the letter is hanging in the engraved golden mirror, moss and the surrounding background of floral combination create a different kind of check-in desk.

Decorative flower is new, lying on the indispensable equipment, the gestures and the color of flowers by the creative and MicroHand collocation, immediately become full of romantic feelings. Then the collocation color ribbon is fixed on the pure white seat, wedding atmosphere arise spontaneously.

Large tables spend too much wood, often abandoned after the party. Can be a flexible combination of the fate of the flower is completely different. One single flower is matched with a group of floral decoration, on the table carrying eyes of everyoneto enjoy, after coming home can also become a bright spot in the home.

For the introverted people, the birth of the card opens up a way for them to express emotion. If you want to say but there are also some feel disgusting wishes to express, use a DIY card to transfer it! Your heart they can not only feel, but also a permanent collection.

Bing Bing is a cool summer dessert table essential, good-looking and delicious dessert can make guests inviting. Play about your creativity, fruit, candy, and ice cream for a flower in a bowl of ice cream, your mind guests can feel.

Table is the most important place in the new table, the table decoration should be the most attention and intentions of the. In a natural, practical philosophy of the most popular dining table, no fancy decorations piled up, naturally distributed life breath.

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